We Salute You

news-wesaluteEveryone knows that good employees are dependable, reliable with strong work qualities and sometimes happy to be slightly different, in a good way!.

At Andorra we have just that, with over 30 years of service we are proud to announce and celebrate their names

  • Maria Almeida, Operation Manager,
  • Elisa Pereira, Commercial Kitchen Cleaning,
  • Luciano DeGoveia, Floor care specialist,
  • Pina Martini, administrator,
  • Tung Thang  Le, Commercial Kitchen Cleaning,
  • Erick Cudjo, Commercial Cleaning,
  • Vincent Guzman, Commercial Cleaning.,
  • Safi Zalmi, Commercial Cleaning .



We thank you for the praise and guidance you give to others and for your on-going efforts and fidelity to Andorra Building Maintenance Ltd., these employees follow our process not only because they have to but because they just can’t help themselves!!