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Job FAQs

Do you have questions about working for Andorra? See below for answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us using the Contact Us page.

+Which Subway is closer to your office?
Islington subway, a bus ride from the subway station- take bus No110South to Bering, walk to Chauncey
+Where are the locations of work?
Downtown Toronto, Etobicoke, Toronto Airport (Pearson), Mississauga, Oakville
+What are the shift times?
The average shift is from 1130 to 0600am, Part time shifts in the afternoon may also be available, please refer to “job postings” in the Job tab on our home page/website.
+What is the method of payment?
Andorra Building Maintenance pays by cheque.
+What do I bring to the interview?
You will need your Social Insurance Card and photo ID (no copies allowed), reference contact information if available.
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