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Green Initiatives

Go Green, Cleaning Revolutionized!

As an early adopter of green cleaning technology in the Building Maintenance industry, our company prides itself in protecting the environment, its employees, customers and future generations. Our chosen approach to green maintenance allows us to protect the environment in various ways and therefore, we are able to reduce the impact of our ecological footprint.

Andorra’s eco cleaning policies improve the overall employee productivity, satisfaction and optimizing life-cycle performance of building materials. Our employees are trained on the latest cleaning techniques and product use. Andorra Building Maintenance in partnership with Dustbane, customizes cleaning programs that will best suit the needs of customers.

Andorra’s green initiatives go beyond environmentally-friendly cleaning agents; we also work towards a paperless system in administration and active in our role to support environmental causes.

At Andorra we understand the capacity to regenerate our planet for the future.

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